come learn something cool...

hi there, as you may or may not know i offer classes at the store. we have set up another class for the evening of october 20th. (its a monday)

this class will be a basics of arranging class and will cover all the little tricks and tips for making a basic vase arrangement, as well as some other arranging basics. the cost for the each person is $80.00...included in the cost is a great selection of flowers, a vase, floral clippers and a ton of handouts and interesting tidbits. believe me...i'm a wealth of stupid knowledge ha. you'll leave the class with a beautiful arrangement much like the one i've posted above. no prior knowledge needed, just a love of flowers is helpful! 

space fills up quickly and the class is limited to 6 people, so give us a call if you have any other additional questions. 603.298.3370

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