lisa & art 7.26.2008

i love these little woodsy numbers...perfect for lisa and art's outdoor pigroast. relaxed, and fun and loaded with texture. i'm actually pretty fond of these, if i do say so myself...


oh summer.

oh summer, your colors are just to much fun. thats all for now....


eamon and abby 7.12.2008

this weekend miss abby and her sweet hubby eamon tied the knot. i haven't made a traditional all white bridal bouquet in a long white but i have to say...i liked this one very much. it looked so fresh, almost like sugar flowers...i had a moment saturday afternoon thinking that things were going to brown and not look so happy for the wedding (stephanotis...the little star shaped ones with the pearl tend to slowly turn brown in the correct humidity...they're so pretty and smell so nice, but really give florist the willies for this very reason) 

well, seeing abby and eamon this morning, complete with big hugs and smiles made everything better. i love a big hug early on a monday morning. 


missing in action

sorry, yes we have been missing in action around these parts. things are quiet, summer is beautiful, the 4th of july was a well deserved long weekend...and now things are getting back to normal. very cute wedding this weekend (yes...pictures will be on the way, promise!) 

just wanted to say we hadnt forgotten you lovely people and we promise we'll be back in the swing of things asap. but now we'll leave you with this picture of the most beautiful poppy ever. she's on her way to the big trash can in the sky, but sometimes things are ever more beautiful towards the end.