...just because I think it's really pretty, and I wanted to keep it for myself. I made this for a recent event at the Woodstock VT historical society. Vintage dresses and clothing were paired with flower arrangements, and this was our entry to the event. I have to say I was pretty proud of myself, mostly because I had never even seen the dress in person. The color was spot on! (pats self on the back)

(don't mind the horrible waist band thingy...apparently the dress wouldnt stay on the form with out it, I personally think they could have found something far more pretty then a piece of elastic...boooooo)


Stephanie & Nate 6.4.11

There are so many things to say about Nate and Steph...but I can sum it all up with one statement. They're pretty fantastic. Nate and Steph got married where they met on the job years before, at a local organization called VINS who focuses on rehabing and releasing birds (BIGGGGGG birds, think hawks, owls and other feathery friends). So surrounded by birds, and the occasional turtle, under a beautiful tent, Nate and Steph partied down. Nate wore a kilt (I'm a sucker for a kilt), and Steph wore amazing boots appropriate for hopping over rocks, they ate Bangers and Mash, and the weather was PERFECT (seriously, 70 and sunny...and not a cloud in the sky) Can't get much better than that...(plus...they're just adorable)

The idea was to keep everything natural and relaxed, yet elegant. Nothing was fussy, soft herbs were mixed in throughout the personal flowers so that everything smelled like summer and birch was used to finish off all the boutonnieres and bouquets.

Tables were dressed with mismatched terrariums surrounded with moss, succulents and orchids, as well as fantastic mossy table numbers.

Guest we're told what to do by "little birdies", were given yummy apple butter...and were able to take home their place cards for an everlasting reminder of the day. All in all, I call this one a pretty rockin' success.