Nathalie & Thad 8.7.10

Yeah, yeah, I know...it was a couple weeks ago. Deal with it, my brain is still mushy.


julie & jesse 8.21.10

(my wedding gift)

When my friends Julie and Jesse told me they were getting married my mind automatically went into idea mode. What would her bouquet look like, what colors were they going to pick...it was when Julie pretty much told me she trusted me to make "whatever I thought would look nice" that my brain imploded. Julie and Jesse live on a beautiful piece of property in the middle of nowhere, I thought for awhile about the blueberry bushes I had seen in the corner of the yard and how we could use them...not to mention, um they were FREE!. It was when Julie told me that our friend Alix had found the perfect plum colored dresses for the bridesmaids that the blueberry theme was off and running. I based every single thing I made on the colors of a blueberry in various stages of ripening. From sage green to deep indigo blues and even the dusty gray that coats the outside of the ripe berries. Jesse did all the woodworking, including making the amazing arch, Julie baked all the deserts (which were amazing....banana cupcakes anyone?) and I made everything from programs, a fingerprint tree (a super snazzy guestbook) to the mossy numbers marking the tables. I was obsessed with the details....so I guess if you tell your florist "just make me something nice...." magical things will happen. I honestly wish my friends 10000000% happiness and love (and extra beautiful babies) and I'm so happy to have been a part of their day, even if I refused to dance.

(this would be the perfect place to put the beautiful shot of the girls and the bouquets if only everybody wasn't balling)

(click to make this bigger...seriously, its worth it)

(my dad and Fred are good helpers!)

(Some of the above photos by the fabulous Warren Prouty)


Susan & Greg 8.7.10

When Susan slowly, somewhat embarrassing unfolded her "inspiration" photo and remarked "I feel like a dork..." at our first consultation...I sat there half expected a picture of spray painted carnations, or maybe a sunflower with googly eyes....but when she slid forward a picture of the most perfect gold and pink rose printed china I was in love. Susan and Mark wanted the shaker meeting house that they had booked for their reception to feel like a vintage southern charm wonderland. They spent months collecting milk glass and Mark even gave Susan the most beautiful fluted milk glass pieces for their anniversary. Everything was delightful, and lovely and sweet, and charming and um...crap, I've run out of non-nauseating adjectives.

Lindsay & Matt 8.6.10

Oh Lindsay, I remember her fondly as the little blonde girl who lived across the street who I would "babysit"....or well, more realistically chase around her house most likely causing more work for her mother (I was really only a few years older, and I'm pretty sure her mom called it "baby-sitting" to make my awkward preteen self feel SUPER cool and responsible) Well, needless to say that little blonde girl, whose family I adore...got hitched. Lindsay's mom has always had the coolest style (I fondly remember her giving me the most amazing personalize stationary...and as a 10 year old, that was AWESOME. I'm pretty sure I promptly ran home, stuck some puffy stickers all over it and hid it in my bedside table) Anyway...back to the wedding, Lindsay's moms style obviously rubbed off on Lindsay (who has an awesome blog...go check it out)...and of course every little detail was perfect, right down to the napkins.

(possibly the largest arrangements I've ever made...which were affectionately nicknamed Bertha and Masta Killah. Bertha is on the left)

(A wreath for the grill of Matt's vintage white pickup truck...I MUST see a picture of this....like, um, now)

(ask and you shall receive...)

Issa & Andy 7.31.10

I loved Issa's bouquet....a whole heck of a lot. She didn't need much...some church pieces, a few bud vase and one...perfect lovely bouquet. Ohhh, sometimes I really wish computers were scratch and sniff, because this puppy smelled amazing.


Hilary & Tom 7.31.10

Soooo, Hilary is my landlord. Which means, um...well I had to make her something pretty. There was no way I was about to get tossed on my butt for making her craptastic flowers (not that its a habit of mine)...oh and Hilary if you're reading this...the bats are back.

(since Tom owns a tattoo shop, I had to find the perfect cake topper model...enter my friend Travis...good job buddy)

Megan & Brian 7.31.10

Helllllo! I'm back, I've slept, my body no longer feels like it can't support my weight, my brain is no longer mush and well I'm not waking up at 5am going through lists of things I need to do. The past two weeks have been what I like to call "cray-cray" or for those not versed in Morganese...crazy. Eight events in two weeks...oh, no need to rub your eyes, that really says eight. Now, I tired super duper hard to get pictures of each one, but I fear in my state of mush I forgot two. (sorrrrrrrrrrry!) So lets see...the first. Megan and Brian....what can I say, they had their reception in a irish pub. I dug it. Totally right up my alley, not to much fuss...good friends, family, fish and chips, and beer.


...things are crazy, we're both nuts, and as seen by this picture I'm apparently the worst boss in the world. Be back soon...with smiles, promise!