sarah & eddie 12.27.08

yes! a winter wedding, i LOVE them, maybe its the thought of tailored bridal gowns with 3/4 sleeves and coats, (by the way, i'm totally obsessed with this whole look) or maybe its because it affords me the right to get away with using sparkle, and a little bit of christmasy stuff without looking like i love glitter and giant bows. well wait, i do love glitter and giant bows, just not in conjunction with flowers. it is at this point when one might ask if i also love lisa frank, kitty cats, and unicorns... 
ok i'll shut up and move on with the wedding...i must admit i had a brain fart and forgot to take pictures of the bridesmaids bouquets, which i loved...i think i was to busy obsessing over the brides bouquet and strung cranberries and how they would look falling over her hand (oh man, OCD much?...no no lets call it being a perfectionist, it sounds so much more, um...sane) 
the church was all christmasy and cute, and i could help but think i had walked into a wintery wonderland, the 2 feet of snow outside didnt hurt either. 

now i have to admit, although i actually found myself liking the bouquets very much my favorite part of the whole wedding were the boutonnieres and corsages that mitchel made, they came out so cute and filled with amazing texture. love love loved them. so with all this said, happy new years to you all...i'm going home to enjoy my friends and hopefully a lovely buzz.


fruit makes everything christmasy

fa la la...
its snowing as i type...an 8 inch accumulation to be precise, and the news says its supposed to snow for the next 4 days. lets hear it for a white christmas! i've thought about running out to play in the snow, but then i remember that, well that means being cold. something i'm not very good at. i hate gloves...oh and dont get me started on mittens. the idea of having lobster claws for hands is something i have yet to wrap my brain around. so needless to say, my hands are always cold...and then i complain, something nobody wants a to hear a 28 year old do when all she has to do is go out and buy some dumb gloves. 

so anyway, i got the chance to decorate a home this past week. she asked for nothing to christmasy/sparkley, something natural, and something that would carry her through the new year. well, wait...lets be honest, she asked to "not come home and feel like i've walked into the griswald's house." so with that said...i went with one classic holiday color and fruit. everybody loves fruit. 
the candles were a surprise i had these fantastic black and white tapers waiting for me! (i was originally told i would be working with plain white tapers) i really think they added so much...and i just love them...mitchel said it was the perfect touch of nightmare before christmas...ahhh yes. 

so...with all that said, i'm off to play in the snow and bitch about how cold my hands are...ah, as is life.


falala, its that time of year...

christmas wreaths galore. i love them, i love decorating them, smelling them, hanging them...i just really really love them.

oh and i'm happy to make one just for you.


the"blog survey" found me...

so, i have been a follower of blogs for a very long time. i have found that i have an insatiable need to look into people's lives who seem soooooo much cooler then myself. for the past few years i've randomly come across the "blog survey" a simple 6 answer questionnaire in which you just tell six things about yourself. easy enough...but you have to have the survey thingy passed on to you. its almost like one of those chain mail things you got when you were younger and had to complete out of fear of having your arm chopped off by a butter knife and that nights dinner or even worse having a ghost show up in your bathroom mirror during your morning shower. so dear sweet megan has tagged me for the survey to "see if i can peer pressure her to put personal things in her business blog" (megan is also a super florist...you should check her out!)

yup, i'm up for a little peer pressure this morning, so this is how this works...basically i write 6 random facts about myself, and then tag 6 of my bloggy friends. ok...cool, lets see how this goes...

1. i collect stuff. lots of stuff (as you can see by the picture above...thats my cat roxy, she's cute). toys, bad artwork, fabric, buttons, books, art supplies (including pompoms, string and lots of glitter), vintage jewelry, ceramic boxes, things shaped like octopus...the list could go on. my mother always asks me when and if i need her to "help me purge"...sometimes i think its her love of cleaning which makes her want to come over to my place so that i can tell her "YES mom, i would LOVE for you to throw out everything on the left side of my livingroom!" ohhhhh you have no idea how much joy that would give her! i get my need/want to collect little silly often quirky objects from my father. a man who when i was growing up would take every "prize" from my happy meal and place them on the top of the door jams leading into each room of our house. a virtual happy meal world! when my parents moved to their current house, the door jam toys went away...but dont you worry my father has assured me that he still has them all in a box...somewhere.  

2. i write the alphabet out by hand on every piece of scrap paper i can find. i have sketch books of letters, pages of painted "Ls", pencil "Qs" and every letter in between. strange, but true...i also write my full name over and over. my old co-workers in boston used to joke that i must be practicing my name in case i ever got lost and got hit on the head. 

3. i am obsessed with looking things up online. the statement "i dont know...lets look it up!" comes out of my mouth at least 6 times a day, and then there are the times when i am alone where i say it to myself...i am a sponge for knowledge, i feel the need to know a little bit about everything i talk about. if if its something as stupid as "who played that guy in that movie..you know the one with the blonde hair and bad accent!?" i have to look it up. i become a little crazy about it too...if i dont find out the answer it starts to eat away at me and i get very frustrated until i find out the exact answer i was looking for. needless to say, i'm kind of in love with google, and i'm kind of a smart ass. 

4. i love spending time alone. love love love it. i like silence, the freedom to not brush my hair, to wear whatever i want. to watch crappy TV that nobody can judge. i love not talking, making a mess and forgetting to clean it up for the rest of the day, eating nothing but popcorn for dinner. its all wonderful...

5. i really honestly love my job. i love everything about it....even down to sweeping up stems. it just makes me happy. 

6. it takes me hours to fall asleep at night. from the time i lay down in my bed, i could easily lay there awake for three hours. i find myself watching re-runs of the cosby show, the food network, anything thats interesting...but not really THAT interesting. some people may say, well if you turn off your tv you'll just fall asleep. this my friend is totally false. without the tv i find my self playing the sad version of pong that my phone came with, getting up many times just to walk around my apartment, and turning the light on and off just to see what that "noise" was. now dont get me wrong, i love love love to sleep...and i'm very good at it. its the getting to sleep that i seem to have issues with. insomniac? nope, just a bad falling asleeper...

oh and by the way, i just looked up "tricks to fall asleep..."

well that was fun! 


valley flower company v2.0

so, yes we moved...from 1800sq feet down to less then 500sq feet. not an easy thing to do, but if i do say so it turned out very nice. (thanks dad...or should i say mcguiver!) she's small and cute and as my friend said "packed full of happiness..."

so come say hi :) 


hello again!

we have unpacked, re-arranged, bumped into each other countless times and have finally settled into our new spot. (pictures to follow, but because i'm a bozo i will continue to forget the camera on my desk at home...sorry, but be patient, they're coming!)

now back to flower news, i just recently got some pro shots back from heather and monty's wedding in september. amazing photographs, and if anybody in the area is looking for a photographer for an upcoming event, we HIGHLY recommend b. fisher photography! seriously, go check that site out, she's a pretty talented little cookie!

ok, again, sorry i digress...back to the flowers! i loved the idea of pink springy/summery garden roses at the end of september, the idea of flip-flopping seasons always makes me smile...