anna's birthday 6.26.2008

yup, a birthday...a big birthday at that. anna has been a really great customer of the shop since the first year when she threw her husband a surprise 40th birthday party and had use do some of the most fun centerpieces to date. all i have to say is, champagne bottles balanced at quirky angles and tropical flowers, lots of tropical flowers. so, to return the favor her husband and friends are surprising her with a huge pig roast. looks like fun to me, and i loveeeeeee the napkins. 


allison & paul revisited

professional shots of paul and allison's may 25th wedding. they're lovely. 



things are awfully white around here...its a nice change from the copious amounts of pink that we've been dealing with for the last few weeks. white is fresh, and strangely modern now that brides tend to stay away from it opting out of the traditional bridal white. hey, whats old is new again i suppose. i like it. white flowers always remind me of wedding cakes, perfect blooms like sugar flowers. although, i doubt they would taste as nice.

check out the gorgeous luna moth i found on my walk to the mail box yesterday morning...she/he whatever it is was just hanging on to the side of the building in the rain...i wanted to rescue it and take thousands of pictures. in the end i left her there and mitchel took the picture as i was just to short to get a good capture....here, get your daily knowledge. consider it a gift from me to you. LUNA


local product is taking over....

SO, the weather has been pretty amazing, rain at night when nobody has to know it even exists...cool and sunny during the day. All in all pretty fantastic, and PERFECT weather for gorgeous local product. Seriously some of the most beautiful peonies ever, not to mention ones larger then the human head (no seriously...no joke)

This is just the start to the local product which takes over the store in the summer...usually we offer at least 50 different types of blooms from all over the world, but in the summer we would have to guess that its about 70% local fresh product. This is something we are VERY proud of...support of the independent gardener is ultra cool. So check out the freak peonies, and keep in mind that everything in that super bright/happy/summery arrangement was grown right here in New Hampshire, yay!!


Dear Stalkers...

Hello our friendly neighborhood stalkers, 

Note: If you send send flowers anonymously to the hot chick and/or stud you are currently stalking, and they happen to call the shop wanting to know who sent them flowers....we will tell them who you are. 

So here is a helpful piece of advice: dont send flowers to somebody you are stalking, or at least come up with a funny alias. 

Thank you, have a lovely day.

Your friendly neighborhood florist, who is not presently stalking anyone. 


brianna & jason 6.17.2008

oh things are still very pink and green around these parts. this weekend its more on the baby pinks and pale apple greens. oh, and butterflies...i (morgan) do not personally like butterflies but i actually warmed up to using them on these bouquets as they added a touch of whimsy to an otherwise very quiet color pallet. 

ohhhhh, but we secretly wish for blues and purple, maybe even a little red or orange tossed in there for good measure. pink is getting old. 

Oh! on another note...local organic product is slowly making its way into the shop again. quirky garden flowers, gorgeous 4' tall peonies (yup you read that right...4'!)...its our favorite time of year in the store. come, play, enjoy...we're told it smells pretty good in here too. but we'll have to take your word for it! 


Lynn & Richard 6.7.2007

simple, small, fun little wedding this weekend, it was blazing hot, i nearly melted and i had to try and get through town with the college graduation going on. delightful...ugh. people should learn to use cross-walks, because i fear i will just run one of them over some day. 

back to the wedding, sorry..i digress....it seems as if many of our weddings this year are in the brown, lime green, raspberry family. its interesting how different each one can look...and how each one tests our creativity. we could just make the same wedding over and over and call it a day, but really each bride that comes in is SO different, and i really feel like each one deserves something special and unique. i like the bridesmaids bouquets, they remind me of fireworks. pow!!!



its raining...blechhhh

we needed it, but its grey, raining and worst of all cold; but even though its raining its still sunny and happy inside the store. 

yesterday we got a call from the husband to our first wedding in the shop. it was their anniversary, and i nearly fell over when he said it was their second anniversary, as i can remember putting together the wedding like it was yesterday. actually i've posted a picture of her bouquet...the lilac and peony wonder above. she was so happy with how seasonal it was, but her tastes have changed over the years and her husband ordered the arrangement below. i love progression...its a wonderful thing. enjoy, stay dry...