officially OBSESSED...

Holy moly...seriously people i'm totally obsessed with this new polaroid thingy that I downloaded tonight...it can take a normal picture and before your little eyes turn it into the amazingness that is a polaroid photo. The over-saturated colors, strange lighting...and that warm feeling the shaking of a polaroid gives you. Ok, ok you don't get to shake the picture but it makes the shaking noise for you. Enjoy.

jill & joey 4.25.09

so folks, its that time of year again...wedding season! weee!

when i see jill's bouquets i think of sun or the brady bunch singing sunshiny day (totally in a good way i promise, i'm down with the b. bunch...thats their hip hop name if you didnt know) i tend to associate everything i do with music. everything seems to have a theme song or a song that would be its background music. so, i've added two songs, you take take your pick on what you think works best. i'm pulling for matt costa...mainly because he's dreamy.

oh folks, the next event is the montshire auction! and we all know how much fun that is....remember last year? well this year is VERY different...i'm excited :)


ms. perry had a big bday.

so this past week our friend ms. perry celebrated a big birthday, and decided she was going to throw herself a party (i love it, and its totally something i would do because i know it would be JUST how i wanted it...its the mini control freak in me...and i have a hard time with surprises)

pink. all the way...oh and sticks. she asked for sticks.


around the shop...

these things recently happened.


brenda & jeff (revisited!)

YES! so remember back on valentines day, when i did a wedding? well...i just got a nice little email from the photographer sending me to her blog to check out the pictures. 

ugh...they're so much fun! check it out!!


cue britney spears:

done for a bat mitzva this past weekend...and here is where "not yet a woman" should be cued. actually wait....i'll take care of that for you, and instead of having to stomach britney in all her blonde goodness,  you can enjoy these two lovely chaps. so to get the full effect of the arrangement please press play and rock out. 



All around amazing...yup thats it.

Lisa Hannigan - Lille from ATO Records on Vimeo.


favorite flower, today i pick you!

gomphrena, globe amaranth, faux clover, strange little fuzzy balls. whatever you may call it, its my current favorite flower (after those amazing ranunculus which i'm still not over)...something about the colors they come in amazes me. acid purples flecked with orangie red, garnet reds accented with pink. silvery grey, with um...silvery grey. ugh, i cant get enough. 

1. Untitled, 2. きざし Indication, 3. Orange Gomphrena, 4. 千日紅, 5. Leaves opposite. Stems quadrangular and appressed-hairy, 6. Gomphrena, 7. strawberry fields, 8. Magical glass***, 9. Red Bloom

i'm also mildly obsessed with this bouquet(minus the strange ribbon collar, which i could do without) i mean come on...check out those little gomphrena just hanging out. sooooo pretty.  i honestly wish i knew who made it so i could tell them how much it ruled. but i dont, and i dont remember where i found it. (i suck) BUT...i want to make it for somebody, maybe with a little purple cotinus flower (google it!) thrown in for good measure. any takers? 


i miss you already.

i feel in love this week...it happened on thursday actually. our torrid love affair was meant to be as soon as i opened the box, there they sat 10 stems of the most gorgeous ranunculus i had ever seen. orange beauties with exploding green centers as big as baseballs. i thought long and hard if i should be greedy and take them home for myself (which i rarely do) or if i should actually put them on the floor for others to enjoy. i begrudgingly put them in a vase and put them on the floor, somewhat hidden under some lilies secretly hoping nobody would see them and that i could take them all home. with in 10 min half had sold. the rest went the day after. i miss them already. 

on a side note...if i had a yard, i would only grow these ranunculus, everywhere. so please...grow them yourself and fondly think of me. (yes that little link is for the bulbs for these amazing flowers)



in totally unrelated flower news, i would like to remind you all how awesome annie is. 


favorite flower, today i pick you!

as a florist I often get asked what my favorite flower is.  for those who can't name more then 10 flowers without straining the brain this might seem like a simple question, for them its a 1 in 10 choice, maybe a rose, or a gerbera daisy, possibly a tulip. 

i for the life of me have never been able to answer this question, sometimes its something because of the way its petals bend, sometimes i chose a different flowers because of the way it looks when its dead, or the way its foliage feels between my fingers. i could list "favorite" flowers for days on end.  so i've decided to add this feature to my blog. the "favorite flower, today i pick you!" (yes, it changes daily, sometimes by the minute). 

today. it's mimosa. 
1. The Scent of Stars, 2. Alberello di mimosa, 3. Mira que eres Mimosa (IMG_8308b.jpg), 4. omaggio a tutte le Donne., 5. Acacia baileyana, 6. mimosa, 7. The Time for Yellow, 8. Mimosa, 9. mimosa

if i could only say one thing about mimosa, it would be that it never fails to make me smile. its smells like cotton candy and feels like tiny tiny cotton balls. my friend allyson once told me her favorite trait of mine is that without knowing it i put things up to my lips to feel how soft they are, and that it made her happy to watch me do so. i never noticed i did that until i found myself dragging a sprig of broken mimosa across my lips. its foliage is feather shaped, and is the softest sage green, sometimes even silver. mimosa also makes any other flower sing, mixing it with others is like magic, it can turn the ordinary into something extra special.  so today, mimosa...you are my favorite flower.