Katherine and David 4.3.2008 (just because we LOVE it)

so, i know i'm posting this late. well, wait...the blog was not really even a blog at this point, but we loved this wedding so much that we just wanted to share. so enjoy it in all its rococo-ness. (is that even  a word?)

Jen and Matt 5.25.2008

oh pink, we have a new found love and respect for the color.  not much needs to be said about this wedding except for that it was everything that reminds us of spring...even down to the little itty bitty napkin flowers. 

oh and that arrangement in front of the organ is just about 4 feet tall (NOT including the sticks), HOLY organ is right! 

Allison and Paul 5.25.2005

miss allison and mister paul were a VERY fun couple, full of drama and laughter. but i (morgan) have to say, if i never have to touch a red rose for the rest of the summer i'll be happy. i was very pleased with the simplicity and elegance of the centerpieces and how my barn board boxes turned out. yay for me! 


lala land

morning please except this little orchid as a token...we are sorry we havent posted in a few, been kinda busy/half in la-la land around these parts. BUT, with that said...lots of exciting things are brewing. i (morgan) am in the process of putting together a new window display complete with doctor seuss like trees and our beloved vintage mannequin dressed in a fantastically fancy dress. 

besides the windows we have two weddings this weekend...totally 100% opposite of each other, which is always fun! one VERY pink and girly...the other VERY red and modern. dont worry, we will take many pictures. so, if we dont talk to you...enjoy your memorial day celebrations, and lets hope it doesnt rain. yay! 


weekend of crazy

oh, what a busy weekend we had...mother's day, proms (whyyyyy do they have them on holiday weekends!?), a wedding and a huge event at a local science museum. we all feel like we are running on empty without a day off, but the positive side of the weekend is some awesome stuff came out of here. the event at the science museum allowed us to use our creativity to produce a modern woodland world complete with birds and many animals which happen to live at the museum. (my favorite happens to be the giant bullfrogs...so cute!) so here are a few pictures of just a few of the centerpieces which were produced for the event. ugh, i think its nap time...


mossy worlds

so the rain is gone and its very sunny and happy outside today. the tulips in front of the store are in full effect and our brains are now in full on decorate the store for summer mode. today we put together these lovely little terrariums and "landscapes" as we're now calling them. we are in love with these little worlds. come look at them, take them home...enjoy them! they really are quite special. 


happy weekend

even though its raining, cold and icky outside...its always spring in here. with that said, have a lovely weekend, enjoy each other, laugh lots and we'll see you next week! 


mama's day...

just wanted to remind you that mother's day is right around the corner, and yes...we will be open sunday the 11th! stop by, pick up something pretty and make your mama swoon over what a good kid you are!