sarah & daryl 8.29.09

The last weekend of what I've always thought of as real summer brought rain, lots and lots of rain...not to mention a odd summer cold snap. (Bad for strapless wedding dresses and cute summer party frocks...amazing for the stress level of a florist who often worries about wilting summer flowers) Anyway...no matter how much it rained, the constant hum of a shop vac which tried its very hardest to soak up a huge puddle from underneath the dance floor, my wet jeans and cold toes, Sarah had made sure to think of every summery detail in order to make it look like you walked in the most girly wonderful summery party you could think of. I just hope she managed to find electricity to do her makeup in and thaw out before her walk down the aisle.
Oh. The song you hear in the slideshow is by a french cutie named Soko. And here are a couple of my favorite shots for you to enjoy...



an ode to oscar the grouch...


tessa & nick 8.15.09

So after a boring sunday watching the rain fall, and way to much time with my boredom I decided that from now on I would be showing my weddings in slideshow form. I always take a ton of photos, and have moments of anxiety trying to pick the perfect ones to show you...so I figured why not show you everything (or at least the ones that made the first cut, dont worry, no jacked up out of focus photos included)

ANYWAY, what can I say about Tessa and Nick...besides that fact that they are aweeeeeeesome. They walked down the aisle to blue grass (hence the soundtrack...old crow medicine show for those interested) and threw an AMAZING party which I was fortunate enough to be invited to. Anyway...if you have thoughts on the new formate please let me know, even if you think it sucks, and I'll just go back to having mild panic attacks while picking photos...

Actually wait, here are a few of my favorites so you can click on them and see them all big and pretty.


Danielle & Nick 8.15.09

Hottest weekend of the summer
Guilt after leaving my father and Charlie to build a huppah in the sweltering heat while I got to drive to the next third wedding of the weekend in the wonderful, wonderful A/C.
Stress over wondering if everything was just going to melt and die in the stupid humidity.
Danielle and Nick's wedding weekend! Weeee
The one saving grace to their wedding was the fact that they had picked icy blues, grays (my new current flower color obsession) whites and lavender. Holding the bouquets almost cooled me down as everything looked as if it was covered in a thin dusting of ice crystals...almost. 

(all photos can be clicked on which will make them HUGE so you can see better all the pretty)


Back....from flower land

So apparently I'm the worst blogger on the planet, I have so many weddings and fun things to show but I just can't find the energy to sit down and actually write something worth reading. It's so humid here that my face feels like it wants to melt off, and all I really want to do is sit in a kayak and stare at the water, and maybe eat a cherry snowcone. But alas, we are in the thick of wedding season...our weekends are full of arrangements, gross florist monkey paw hands, and sweltering mid-day setups. So, before I get into showing you some weddings here are a few of my current favorite daily delivery arrangements that have gone out in the past weeks.
(i'm currently in lust with that sexy coral colored viburnum berry...)
(the sight of the seasons first sedum...the green junk, sent me into a tizzy...its one of my favorites!)

(not exactly the biggest fan of baskets, but I am a HUGE fan of what I call kitchen sink arrangements...and this really did have a little bit of everything in it, I had a conversation about this arrangement with another florist who promptly told me she wanted to roll around naked in it. We sure do love our flowers)

(grasses make me happy)

(fancy pants arrangements, for fancy pants places who happen to sell $400.00 vases....whoop-de-do)

(take note: every six year old deserves cool flowers...)



Its august 11th, and summer has JUST hit New England. Thank god...I dislike summer with a passion. (go ahead...sue me)