Lauren & Yves 10.10.10

Because the world just decided that dumping two feet of snow overnight on New England was a good idea, and because there is NO sunlight to be found I thought that posting some photos from a wedding we did in October might make us all happy. Ok, who am I trying to kid...it makes ME happy, so deal with it. Lauren and Yves are self-proclaimed nerds, actually our first conversation started like this..."Hi, would you be interested in talking to me about doing our nerd wedding?" So, when Lauren showed me a copy their invite I was so in. Binary and romance novels....come on people, this is funny stuff.

So, without putting graphing calculators and Fabio in the middle of their arrangements I made them classic fall arrangements and let their DIY details really shine.

There...after seeing all that green grass I feel so much better.


Things are getting crazy around these parts....help


ho, ho, ho...

When it actually snows enough to stick to the ground and cause me to dig through my car in search of my ice scraper only to find out it's missing, causing me to use a expired credit card to rid my car of the coat of ice on the windshield, only to have my fingers freeze because I forgot to put on gloves while doing so, I know it's time to talk about Christmas. (How was that for a run on sentence!?)

Order something pretty for Santa...he's on a diet (he has hypertension) and would much prefer to bring flowers home to the Mrs. Oh, and Santa would like you to know he's kinda sick of the whole red/green/white thing...and thinks you should throw in another color just to mix it up a bit.


To you, and you, and you...ohhhh and you!

Really BIG thanks to all my 2010 couples for making this year so fantastic....but I do apologize for the crap music with this, I had NO choice. BAH!

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