Just wanted to thank you all for your continued support...and I look forward to seeing you all in the New Year!


I wanna pump you up!

holiday arrangement for the nicest neighbor ever. 


sneak peek...

oOoOOo winter weddings you are my very favorite! think...LOTS of birch, feathers galore, fresh moss, mink stoles, winter boots, bonfires, and dancing in the snow. I'm impatiently waiting....


Boppin' around the shop...



Magical things are happening...come say hi.


melanie & chris 10.10.09

shelby & mark 10.10.09

(the above shots taken by Pam Helme)

feathers, fiddleheads and fall leaves, OH MY! 



As if I wasn't already addicted to the beast that is Facebook...I've made the shop a Facebook page where you can follow every single silly move I make! Who wouldn't want to do that? I'm a laugh riot. 
SO...check it out kids, lets be official FB friends!  (click that little linky friend to access da page)


Denise & Chris 9.27.09


Back from under piles of boxes....

HELLO! Oh it's good to be back, among the living...SO much to talk about, lets see.
•Wedding season is finally over! Sorry, using "finally" might have been a little negative, but     really...I'm happy to have my weekends back, and with 60+ weddings this spring/summer/fall it  was a longggggg season. With that said, I'm super excited about some of the consults I've had  regarding next season. New fun colors to play with, and not one pink wedding on the horizon!  Weeee! (ok, sorry I DO like pink, again...that was a little negative Nancy...bring on the pink!)

• I will get my act together and post some of the falls weddings. Promise. There are some good ones that are begging to be shown

• Ok, here is the big one, and the reason I have been so MIA. We moved the shop...again. When we moved a year ago (just a little refresher for those of you who might not have known...CLICK ME) I was over the moon about being in my small cozy space. Throughout the summer the space seemed to get smaller, I was stacking wedding arrangements on top of boxes, using my office desk to hold supplies...all in all the space just became too small to produce the number of weddings I was doing. SO, we made the choice to move again. The idea of packing more boxes still makes me sick to my stomach, but we are officially in our new space and I'm in loveeeee! So, if you are in the area please stop by the shop in White River Junction on the backside of the main street across from the Northern Stage building. If you are not in the area get to know a little bit about this quirky little town which is quickly becoming a very hip little art community. (READ ME)

Now for picture time! (Also, please click on any of the pictures to make them larger and to get a closer look)


andree & david 9/26/09

One word, no wait...actually two: ONCIDIUM ORCHIDS

I just spent the last week being surrounded by 550 stems of electric yellow orchids, and 40 centerpieces that filled every nook and cranny of my tiny little store (more on this in the near future) OH! did I mention this was the 5th event of the weekend? No, well it was haha...SO many pictures to share, of so many fun details. Andree and David have a really cool aesthetic, and I had so much fun working with them, and being surrounded by all that sunny yellow...nicknamed bumblebee vomit by my friend Emilie. 

So...story, as I promised in the last post, I had funny stories to share. Picture this...me, almost doing a full on faceplant in front of all the guests milling around the cocktail area. The French judge gave me a 9.5, and I got a 10 from the Japanese judge. I blame it on the flip flops, and the fact that I was TRYING to be funny by joking with Emilie about how funny it would be if I did a faceplant in front of the guests. Hmmm...um, yes. Don't wish that on yourself ever. Luckily I don't embarrass easily and Emilie's silent belly laughter (you know the kind) and quiet..."stoppppp or i'm going to pee my pants!" kept things light. 
Some of my favorite shots of the day:

(click to enlarge this...seriously, check out her dress, and those gloves are to die for!!!)


sabrina & john 9/19/09

Ohhhhh hi! So lets see, I have so much to post, so many pretty pictures to share, and some funny stories to tell. Lets start with Sabrina and John. First of all...love me some Sabrina! Secondly if she had known that I had driven allll the way to the Mountain Top Inn (an hour from the shop) and then had to drive alllll the way back because I had forgotten the candles which Sabrina and I had spent many an email/facebook chat milling over, she would have freaked out. So YES, Sabrina...I spent most of my time freaking out, swearing at myself and driving way to fast down Rt4. HA! Surprise! In turn...I didn't have time to take pictures of the bouquets, which I'm still angry about...BAH! 
Note to all future brides: This is the first time I've ever forgotten anything...no worries! This story was mostly for Sabrina's benefit. 
OH! Slideshow music: Easy Girl by Coconut Records
Ok, lets see...some of my favorite still shots from the day...

(oh and some of these pictures were stolen off of Sabrina's friend Garrett's facebook page. Sneaky huh?)



Yes...I'm still here, lost in flowers. Exciting things happening around these parts....(Secrets too! Don't worry, you'll all know soon enough) So I apologize now for being among the missing.I'm begging for your forgiveness, but while I plan, make, and dream please take a look at my friend Megan's amazing new website! I had a "squeeeeeeee!" moment while looking at it this morning. 

(Image STOLEN from the honey and poppies website, I blame my sticky fingers) 


sarah & daryl 8.29.09

The last weekend of what I've always thought of as real summer brought rain, lots and lots of rain...not to mention a odd summer cold snap. (Bad for strapless wedding dresses and cute summer party frocks...amazing for the stress level of a florist who often worries about wilting summer flowers) Anyway...no matter how much it rained, the constant hum of a shop vac which tried its very hardest to soak up a huge puddle from underneath the dance floor, my wet jeans and cold toes, Sarah had made sure to think of every summery detail in order to make it look like you walked in the most girly wonderful summery party you could think of. I just hope she managed to find electricity to do her makeup in and thaw out before her walk down the aisle.
Oh. The song you hear in the slideshow is by a french cutie named Soko. And here are a couple of my favorite shots for you to enjoy...



an ode to oscar the grouch...


tessa & nick 8.15.09

So after a boring sunday watching the rain fall, and way to much time with my boredom I decided that from now on I would be showing my weddings in slideshow form. I always take a ton of photos, and have moments of anxiety trying to pick the perfect ones to show you...so I figured why not show you everything (or at least the ones that made the first cut, dont worry, no jacked up out of focus photos included)

ANYWAY, what can I say about Tessa and Nick...besides that fact that they are aweeeeeeesome. They walked down the aisle to blue grass (hence the soundtrack...old crow medicine show for those interested) and threw an AMAZING party which I was fortunate enough to be invited to. Anyway...if you have thoughts on the new formate please let me know, even if you think it sucks, and I'll just go back to having mild panic attacks while picking photos...

Actually wait, here are a few of my favorites so you can click on them and see them all big and pretty.