Writer of blog
Likes chocolate soft serve ice cream
Wakes up at night to make mental notes about flowers
Talks fast
Thinks faster
Camera Shy
Collector of vintage jewelry, and buttons...and fabric
Owned by a cat named Roxy
Has perfect penmanship
Can't spell
Keeps a messy desk
Likes coffee
Loves Fred
Encyclopedia of useless information



Flower shop girl
Likes cheese lasagna
Giggles wildly
Thinks lazy eyes are charming
Owned by a 5 year old named Victor
Has a alter-ego named Candice 
Eats spaghetti while driving
Talks with her hands
Talks quietly
Laughs loudly
Wearer of multiple patterns at once
Likes coffee
Stays up late writing songs
Sings some mean karaoke 
Makes phone calls using different voices



Dad of Morgan
Delivers flowers
Likes youtube videos of animals doing silly things
Rock and Roll legend
Story teller
Over planner (who is always right)
Owns Hawaiian shirts
Collector of things
Fixer of stuff
Married to Margot, mom of Morgan
Knows everything, literally
All around super guy