So we've had a couple lucky ladies turn 21 around these parts....luckily their parents were smart enough to get flowers from us for them. Who knew that when you turn 21 getting GIANT arrangements was the norm. Strange, I just went to Hooters.


Stephanie and Pat 8.21.10

It's currently -4 outside....balmy if you ask me. I thought it might be nice to look at a wedding from when it was warm, and green, and beautiful out. So...bring on Stephanie and Pat's wedding, classic, beautiful and they just so happened to have PERFECT weather. Not to mention the green and white combo of Stephanie's bouquet makes me want to drink a margarita and sit on my porch. Enjoy, and if you're somewhere warm (jerk) have a fruit cocktail for me....don't forget the mini umbrella.

(the above picture is not taken by the super talented JessFoto...but taken by marginally talented me)

(seriously...why would you not get married in Vermont? It's gorgeous here!)


In case you didn't know....

(click the image to enlarge, then do as it says!)



Kristin & Jeremiah 1.1.11

Hellllllo! Happy New Year to you all! I admit that I am a bit behind on the new years greeting, but the end of the year crept up on me and I wanted nothing to do with it. I'm not much of a "celebrator" and would much prefer sitting on my couch being warmed and slightly paralyzed by an over-weight meatball of a cat, while being waited on hand and foot by my adoring other half. (I sincerely thank him numerous times a day...I promise) Instead, we went out...ate to much, drank to much (at least one of us did...and it wasn't me), and I found myself off to deliver the very first wedding of the year bright and early the next moring. It was unseasonably warm, and the 18 feet of snow (enter sarcasm here) that we just got was dripping off roofs into giant puddles. It felt like spring but I've lived here long enough to know that Mother Nature was pointing at me and laughing for even thinking such a thing. Amidst the fake spring, adorned in a dress from the 70's, and dress blues Kristen and Jeremiah tied the knot...