just a little gifty for a lady named teri.

hey teri in jacksonville florida...these are for you :)

glamour shots...

i hear on a daily basis how awesome my job is...its true, it pretty much rules at life, but there is one aspect to the job which i am not so in love with. 

my hands.

granted the photo above just shows a tiny bit of what i'm about to talk about...florist hands are notoriously nasty. i have a callus on my thumb from holding a knife, dirt ground into the cracks on my fingers, that no matter how hard i scrub just wont go away. i obviously cant wear nail polish, because it peels within a matter of hours, and god forbid i grow my nails...nobody wants to look like they have a years worth of dirt under their nails! the nail on my right index finger is a lovely shade of green, and the skin around my nails peels as if i'm a snake shedding its skin. oh, and don't get me started on the small cuts and scars i have up and down my arms. thorns are mean. so as a really good example of the horror to which i speak, i took a picture of my hands after valentines day. 

gross huh? 
but the one thing i think of when i look at my hands is that they make people happy. cheesy? ohhh hell yeah! but yeah...its true.



The dreaded V-day...

so...its over. as i wrote order after order and quickly abbreviated many card messages i soon found myself giggling at what i was writing...."happy v.d." you know a holiday should be eliminated when the abbreviation congratulates you on your new sexually transmitted disease. for you non-florist types valentines day is a day where people give you happy chocolates and things shaped like cutesie hearts, even if you're single, i've heard its a very happy day, filled with all sorts of that love stuff...but for us its a day when we wake up and wish that we could hide in the bedroom closet until its over.

so, because i am insane...i also decided to go ahead and do a wedding along with all the normal craziness. brenda and jeff were funny, quirky, and wanted something colorful and different so i signed myself up for it knowing that i was doing something not many florists would even think twice about doing.

maybe its because i am a machine. i even have metal parts...*

brenda's bouquet was a mix of sweetpea, lots and lots of sweet pea, anemone, posy callas, tulips, ranunculus, lisianthus, phlox and cymbidium orchids. i love a huge mix of things and the texture it produces when all is said and done. i remember at one point walking around holding her bouquet with my face right in it because mannnnn did it smell good.

everything else was bright, very very very bright.

so needless to say, i'm tired...and i'm happy that its over. and now i have a quiet day of catching up on my wedding quotes. (if you have yet to receive one from me...i not officially promise you its one its way!) 

*totally a lie, i wrote it for dramatic effect