Meredith & Vince 9.24.11

We just got the link to some really gorgeous pictures of Meredith and Vince's wedding this past September in Quechee, VT. Check out the full post of all the beautiful pictures over on Becca Wood's blog at Becca Wood Photography Here are some of my favorites from Becca as well as a couple slightly amature photos taken by yours truly.

Obviously the flower shots above were taken by me...


Abi & Adam 9.24.11

The story of Abi and Adam's wedding day goes something like this...

Abi and Adam got married in Lyme, NH, surrounded by trees and loved ones...
Abi carried this bouquet. A bright and jazzy number, filled with late summer wonderfulness. 
One of this, one of that...and a little of those tossed in for good measure. 
The bridesmaids wore emerald... (I dare you to ignore the El Camino) 
...and carried these. 
Even their dog was there, and of course she got flowers...as all dogs should. 
The End...or is it just the beginning? 

(pro shots done by the AMAZING Boro Creative)


Emily & Aaron 9.10.11

The way I see it...I have at least 25 weddings I haven't shown you yet this year. Its a sad state, I know...I just can't seem to get it together. Maybe its the fact that I worry about silly things like, "If I write more about one wedding will the couple from another wedding think I hate them?" Or maybe "What if I don't have anything witty to say? Will people protest in horror?" Then there is always "I wonder what's going on on PerezHilton...?"


So instead of thinking through all those thoughts (except for the Perez one, I'm totally thinking that now) I've decided that wedding posts will be primarily photos with a tiny bit of background info, unless of course I have something I just NEED to tell you. If you know me well enough, or have followed the blog for some time, you know this is a 100% possibility. Don't protest in horror, I promise I will post randomness filled with delightfully sarcastic quips about being a florist and how super duper it is, and maybe I'll even update you on the latest celebrity gossip.

So, with that out of the way...Emily and Aaron were married at Camp Aloha Hive in Fairlee, VT...on seriously the most PERFECT day of the summer. I wanted nothing more than to skip across the lawn like a sugared up 7 year old with those giant perfectly round balloons in hand. I reserved myself...but man it was hard.
(see! short and simple)

Picture 9
Picture 7
Picture 3
Picture 6
Picture 5
Picture 8


For shame.

Guys, I got called out today. JENNIFER (hi! I know you see this...) was standing at my counter this morning, and she called me out. Purple dahlias in hand, she reminded me that I hadn't touched the blog in almost a month. Which is turn made my friend Emilie tell me I totally sucked at blogging. Sorry...I never claimed I was a good blogger. In fact I know I kind of suck at it.  I get so wrapped up in weddings this time of year, not to mention pretending to clean my desk that I just forget that the blog is something that actually qualifies as work. I'm hanging my head in shame...promise.

I figure while I'm here I might as well share something flowery, since thats what this is all about right? We've had a strange fall here, normally by this time we've been hit with frost. But we're still hanging on around these parts, there are still zinnias grown along fences, the occasional marigold is still hanging out in front of McDonalds and wispy white flowering ground covers are still dancing in median strips across the Upper Valley. The best part of our frost free fall is that local dahlias are still growing by the hundred in a magical dahlia farm not to far away. We'll have them until the last moment...if you can't come in and purchase some of the most amazingly vibrant flowers I have seen in a long time, I will force you to look at pictures. Enjoy. 

Wedding posts coming soon. 

yeahhh, it's totally a cell phone picture...dont chastise me for it!