Kendell and Jame 5.21.11

Hi there! Remember me? In all honesty I visit the blog often thinking of things to write...I sit down to do type up something and I get distracted. Horrible excuse for my absence, I know. ANYWAY...we are in full swing wedding world over here, we've had 8 in the last two weeks and 3 more this coming weekend. I just got this fantastic link to Kendell and Jame's professional photos. North Photography does a wonderful job and Kathleen does a really beautiful job. Make sure to tell her what you think of her stuff!

So here are a few snippets, but be sure to follow this LINK to check out all the beautiful photos from their day. OH! Be sure to watch the slide show...I found myself a blubbering mess in my office when the photo of Jame watching Kendell walk down the aisle popped up. Man, I love it when boys cry.


There is a squirrel in my store.

Yes really...we've been chasing him for two days. He's currently hiding amongst vases and buckets. A customer saw him sunning himself in the window this afternoon, and as soon as I tried to shoo him out the door...he ran away to what must be the smallest of hiding spaces. I shall keep you posted on the shop squirrel. In the meantime, enjoy some of our going-ons. Weddings start up in full swing next weekend and we have 9...yes 9, in the next two weeks. I'll be in touch, promise.



For my mom. She's pretty super duper.