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sarah & bill 7.11.09

Hello! I'm back, bruised (attacked by a gate while delivering a wedding, resulted in a giant quite fetching bruise on my thigh), rested (I slept for most of sunday...yup, TWO naps) and ready for more. This past weekend we had 4 different event going on. Weddings, bat mitzvahs, gatherings...needless to say we've been busy, but of all the things we put together this past weekend I have to pull favorites and say that I was pretty smitten with Sarah and Bill's wedding. Not only did they understand the concept of how personally touches can really make a wedding special, but they just so happened to have pretty snazzy taste. So the whole vibe of the wedding was very vintage-y, the tables were each accented with runners of different vintage fabrics (and if you know me...you know I was in heaven...i'm a bit of a fabric nerd), there was a children's parade complete with flags (again...the fabric), and musical instruments...not to mention the AMAZING field of buttercups which acted as a backdrop for the whole thing...SWOON! Oh...and let me just mention the garden roses, the drama, oh but they were SO worth it, especially the white ones....meow. 


stephanie & TJ 7.4.09

Everybody needs fireworks on their wedding day, and they're even better when they're free!!

I know I haven't been around much, but don't you worry wedding season just hit warp speed and I'll be showing my face (well maybe my face, but most likely flowery pictures) fairly often. This weekend we have 3 weddings, all on the complete opposite sides of the flower spectrum. SO, with that said...I will see you in a few days my little flowery friends.