kristin and nick 5.23.09

So needless to say it was a busy weekend. A rehearsal dinner, and two weddings, not to mention a memorial service. The first of the weekends weddings was for Kristin and Nick...a couple in the midst of moving...in fact I think the movers were at there house during the reception. Or maybe is was the during the honeymoon...whatever, it was still going on. their wedding was no small event, 7 bridesmaids

Kristen of course....

and a very happy reception accented with every detail you can think of in pink and apple green. Fresh, clean, preppy, and all around classic.

OH! Lets not forget the rehearsal dinner flowers! The dinner was served at a local country inn called Home Hill...which happens to be located on one of my most favorite roads to drive way to fast on. (shhh....well known secret, i have a bit of a lead foot)
It was a bit more formal with an old english garden feel. It also smelled divine....

Now off to sleep and do it all again in the morning...


POP! 5.15.09

So...this past weekend was the annual fundraising auction for our local children's science museum. I've worked on the event for the part 4 years...each year had been fun and totally different. I AM however very partial to the theme this year...POP! (define that however you want...they all seem to work) So, after 1000's of silk rose petals we glued (with only one mildly burned finger), 100's of circles, 300 billy balls, 75 pin-cushion protea, 100 gerber daisies, 3 jack and cokes and many laughs...it is officially over....until next year. 



i'm just kind of in love with this arrangement, as well as the card message that went with it (but i cant share...its so sweet and private that i'll just leave it between the sender and the luck girl who received it)...so lets take a moment to enjoy it.
(click the photo to enlarge...believe me its totally worth it)



                                        (click the photo to enlarge) via Housemartin