andree & david 9/26/09

One word, no wait...actually two: ONCIDIUM ORCHIDS

I just spent the last week being surrounded by 550 stems of electric yellow orchids, and 40 centerpieces that filled every nook and cranny of my tiny little store (more on this in the near future) OH! did I mention this was the 5th event of the weekend? No, well it was haha...SO many pictures to share, of so many fun details. Andree and David have a really cool aesthetic, and I had so much fun working with them, and being surrounded by all that sunny yellow...nicknamed bumblebee vomit by my friend Emilie. 

So...story, as I promised in the last post, I had funny stories to share. Picture this...me, almost doing a full on faceplant in front of all the guests milling around the cocktail area. The French judge gave me a 9.5, and I got a 10 from the Japanese judge. I blame it on the flip flops, and the fact that I was TRYING to be funny by joking with Emilie about how funny it would be if I did a faceplant in front of the guests. Hmmm...um, yes. Don't wish that on yourself ever. Luckily I don't embarrass easily and Emilie's silent belly laughter (you know the kind) and quiet..."stoppppp or i'm going to pee my pants!" kept things light. 
Some of my favorite shots of the day:

(click to enlarge this...seriously, check out her dress, and those gloves are to die for!!!)


sabrina & john 9/19/09

Ohhhhh hi! So lets see, I have so much to post, so many pretty pictures to share, and some funny stories to tell. Lets start with Sabrina and John. First of all...love me some Sabrina! Secondly if she had known that I had driven allll the way to the Mountain Top Inn (an hour from the shop) and then had to drive alllll the way back because I had forgotten the candles which Sabrina and I had spent many an email/facebook chat milling over, she would have freaked out. So YES, Sabrina...I spent most of my time freaking out, swearing at myself and driving way to fast down Rt4. HA! Surprise! In turn...I didn't have time to take pictures of the bouquets, which I'm still angry about...BAH! 
Note to all future brides: This is the first time I've ever forgotten anything...no worries! This story was mostly for Sabrina's benefit. 
OH! Slideshow music: Easy Girl by Coconut Records
Ok, lets see...some of my favorite still shots from the day...

(oh and some of these pictures were stolen off of Sabrina's friend Garrett's facebook page. Sneaky huh?)



Yes...I'm still here, lost in flowers. Exciting things happening around these parts....(Secrets too! Don't worry, you'll all know soon enough) So I apologize now for being among the missing.I'm begging for your forgiveness, but while I plan, make, and dream please take a look at my friend Megan's amazing new website! I had a "squeeeeeeee!" moment while looking at it this morning. 

(Image STOLEN from the honey and poppies website, I blame my sticky fingers)