Kaylin & Allen 10.10.10

I promised myself I wouldn't show ALL of my weddings right up front...I mean after all we need something pretty to look at when its freezing cold, and gray right? Kaylin and Allen were married at a summer camp (as you know I adore everything about summer camp weddings..and camp in general). The weather was PERFECT and summer camp charm ooooozed out of every single corner. The names of thousands of girls who had spent their childhood summers lined the walls...and ceilings, and I clearly remember spending a good 10 minutes in the kitchen swooning over the heavy teal melamine plates and bowls that so reminded me of being 12. It just so happens that Kaylin got her pro shots back yesterday, so enjoy some of the super pretty. The somewhat attractive pictures...taken by me of course. Oh, I would like to thank both Kaylin and Allen for being so easy to work with..we're talking SUPER laid back here folks, and Kaylin's mom for making me feel like such a genius. (which is a HUGE stretch...but thanks anyway) <3

(Just felt the need to show you the most gloriously amazing ranunculus...yup its that spazzy green thing...it still makes me a little mushy inside)

(Geez...stop being so damn attractive you two!)


Feeling Blue?

This week in the shop (November 29th-December 4th) everything BLUE is 20% off! Make sure to mention this post in order to get the discount...also feel free to tell your friends about this too. We would love to meet some new folks, and share our fun goodies with you all! xo




HBD yo.

HBD...for those that don't speak florist card message taking shorthand...HBD stands for Happy Birthday. It's the shops 5th, yup....5th (holy crapsticks!) birthday!! If you decide to drop by the shop this week, I'll give YOU a birthday present. I know, seems a little backwards, but hey...I love to give gifts and getting them always made me feel like crawling under a table and hiding from embarrassment (totally a story for another time...and yes, I did this in a public place). SO, I hope to see some of you, and to ALL of you...thank you so much for making my first 5 years so stinkin' awesome.


Hey you!

Psssssttttt...I'm talking to you! You know, the newly engaged, those having dinner parties, birthdays, general festivities, 2011 is right around the corner and I'm already sending out bids left and right. Lets talk!
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Eloping is awesome....

...because it's this simple.


Excuse me for a moment...

I usually don't deviate from flower land very often, but when I find something that I just have to share, you might just have to come along for the journey. You may or may not know that I was once a graphic designer in another life. To this very day I lust over type, write the alphabet over and over...oh and over again, bore people with graphic design jargon, and walk around day after day with a dorky graphic design image branded onto my body. So when I come across beautiful books I feel the need to share...I came across SEASONS by Blexboblex (um, yes you read that correctly), in my little local bookstore. Its practically perfect cover might as well slapped me in the face, because I bought it without even caring about what the pages wrapped in cellophane might look like. Come to find out it's one of the most beautiful children's books I've come across in a long time...100+ pages of the most beautifully simple woodblock prints, illustrating the feelings, moments, and strange happenings of the seasons. If you're looking for the perfect gift for a baby shower, please put down the played out ducky embroidered onesie and purchase this instead. Oh, and because you can find ANYTHING on youtube....enjoy.