For yo' mama.

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Fabulous darling, just fabbbulous!

I am a HUGE fan of flower wearing, I often have broken blooms tucked into my very messy bun, or something tucked into a cardigans button hole. People have adorned themselves with flowers for as long as most can remember. There is just something special about having a fresh living thing pinned to you. Maybe it's the idea that it's a one of kind accessory, or that it smells good, or that it makes even the messiest of bun *cough, cough* look fancy!

I often wire beautiful orchids or garden roses for my brides hair, but folks...there is a new trend. It's a cross between a flower crown generally reserved for flowergirls or the "Mother Earth" type of bride, and something seen in the pages of Vogue. I lovingly refer to them as "Flower Piles"....

My gorgeous oh so serious in-store model Rebecca...proof of her ACTUAL personality down below. Rebecca actually thought this was so comfy, she even swept the floor and danced a little jig in it...

Now I understand that this is not for every bride...hell, it might only inspire one of you, but use the inspiration below to think just a tiny step out that that single orchid wired into your hair box. Bridal magazines, and Martha Stewart are lying to you, this is not the only option out there! There are so many fun ways to adorn yourself in flowers. Obviously having 10lbs of flowers on your head is not what I'm telling you do to...but maybe, just maybe if you ask me to make you something similar on a smaller scale...I might squeeeee! and get REALLY excited. Plus, imagine the photo opportunities....holy bridal goddess Batman!

See, you can't get more Goddess like than this...

In all seriousness, some amazing examples of the trend below....

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Spring has finally...FINALLY sprung. The sun is slowly making its way back and best of all, so are the sunsets... (Obviously there are leaves in those there trees, but it's one of my favorite sunset shots from last summer...so just pretend for me, ok?)

I can't pretend I've been a good blogger for the past few weeks, because the truth of the matter is, I just couldn't pull it together. The end of winter makes me as about as inspired as a smack in the face and all I want to do is get into wedding world, so that I can make beautiful bouquets and fun centerpieces. It's coming...SOON! Instead I will make everyday arrangements for the lovely people of the Upper Valley in hopes of making their final days of the longest winter just a tad more bearable. But truth be told...the sun IS coming....and for a girl who hates the summer, I'm pretty damn excited.