sarah & joe 9.6.08

ok, i was so into this one. it was different, the concept was cool, and sarah wanted something totally ethereal. its not so often when i get to make flowers for a girl who reminds me of a wood nymph, and i say that with the utmost respect. that being said, on my first meeting with sarah i asked her what colors she had in mind...and she handed me a picture (as most brides tend to do). the picture was a shot...obviously very martha stewart of some flower arrangements surrounded by candles in frosted glass containers. so, as i do...i went straight to looking at the flowers. it was at this point that sarah actually told me she hated the flowers pictured, and wanted her colors to remind of her of the glow of the candle light in the frosted glass. (i've posted the picture...but please understand that it was a picture of a picture so thats why the quality is icky...)


it was then that sarah told me that joe had a major love for lavender...and that she wanted to surprise him by using it somehow. ok, i was so down...needless to say, i felt like i was in a spa the whole time...ahhhh relaxing. 

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