colleen & ken 9.13.08

all ken and colleen asked for was something "cozy, comfy, relaxed and chic"....they left the colors up to me. all i had to go on was that the wanted something in formal silver containers and that the bridesmaids were wearing sage...this dress to be exact: Anne Taylor 

now the one thing i cant stand is putting multi-toned pastel bouquets against sage dressed. i get bad visions of easter bunnies and plastic easter basket grass, not to mention jelly beans. blech, totally not a hot look.* so, i went with dark burgundies and plum purples accented with peach and sage greens. ahhhh, the perfect blend of pastel and seasonal tones. bingo!! I decided to keep the church arrangements very simple and mostly white as the church is filled with color and i thought it might be a nice break for the eye, as well as a elegant touch to the 2 hour long roman catholic ceremony. oh my....thats just WAY to long...

*helpful hint: if your in the planning process of your wedding and thinking about colors, keep in mind that to much of one "color family" or tone of colors may be a little blah or AH!...this being said there is NOTHING wrong with using shades of all the same color. ie: shades of orange, shades of red...this is actually my favorite way to design. its when you start throwing every pastel or vibrant color in the mix that things start looking a bit...hmmm...ok lets be honest here...its ugly. why not infuse your pastel family with a dark pop of something to just add a tiny bit of interest? or the opposite...take your vibrant color pallet and throw a small pop of light lavender or soft green into the mix. (if you need a visual example of what i'm rambling about scroll down to sarah and joe's wedding. you'll notice that although her bouquet is very soft there is a small pop of darker peach thrown in there to break up the color.) ok...enough, i'm off. 

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