Dear Brides, Prom goers, All around snazzy ladies,
I know a veil is traditional and pretty, and lovely. I also know that a birdcage veil is, trendy, retro and fun...I even know that a wrist corsage is just what you do for prom; but I have another idea...how about a flower headband? Let it be known that I worked with this thing on my head all day and never once did I want to throw it across the room like a baby does with a stupid sun hat. They're very comfy, totally adjustable for those with bowling ball sized heads like myself, but most of all they're FUN, and totally one of a kind! I mean really...isn't a wedding or a prom all about having fun anyway? I also know for a fact that you can dance with it on...because I secretly tested it out in the privacy of my office. Just throwing the idea out there for you to ponder, I apologize for the fact that the idea has my face attached to it though. Go forth and contemplate the amazingness of the flower headband!!



"Break open a cherry tree and there are no flowers, but the spring breeze brings forth myriad blossoms" -Ikkyu Soju

Oh, um in not such eloquent terms...the flowering branches are back...YESSSSSSSS!!! (fist pump!)


molly & eric 2.20.10

Oh I love a winter wedding...I really do. It's not a secret that I dislike the summer, and crave a winter hat and fuzzy sweater, so the idea of sweaters and coats, and hats all mixed with soft romantic details makes me all mushy inside; and Molly and Eric's wedding didn't let me down. Molly and her mom had been collecting elements for this wedding for well over a year. Boxes and boxes of birch bark, more feathers then even a bird would know what to do with, and the most amazing little vintage bottles and vases for me to play with. I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves (and man do I wish I could show you ALL of them, but I think you might get bored...promise)

...bring on the professional shots, I'm waiting on pins and needles!!