jennifer & william 9.6.08

jennifer and william...a calm and cool couple from san fran. who were looking for the typical vermont wildflower wedding...with a touch of class. cool...we can do that, no problem what-so-ever! 

it is at the point when you start on the 7th bridesmaids bouquet where you start to highly dislike the wildflower look...and when i started hating the color light blue. it is also at this point where i start asking silly questions to mitchel...
"mitchel, do you have 7 friends?" 
"mitchel...do you even like 7 people enough to have that big of a bridal party?" 
"mitchel, do i have to make these?" 
"mitchel, can i go home yet?"
"mitchel, can i have ice cream....?"
i'm amazed he keeps up with me, and all my idiotic questions...but alas, he still didnt get me ice cream. 

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mary. said...

wow. i've been completely preoccupied the last few days and meanwhile you have been making wonderfully amazing things. beautiful!