we email flowers. its the new thing to do.

being a florist is an odd job. the flowers are lovely, the people are great...you constantly get to make people happy, but yes...its odd. did you know that florist never get given flowers? its true...i would think the perfect gift for a florist would be flowers. strange? maybe...but think about it, who would love nothing more then a bouquet of flowers that were picked out especially for them!? a florist....its true, really...we spend all day making arrangements and bouquets for others, without getting to enjoy any of our handiwork. i often tell people when asked what i would like for a gift..."flowers please"

they laugh. 

so, imagine my surprise when i casually opened an email from a florist friend in california only to find a picture of this arrangement with a little note. "i made these for you...hope youre smiling" (check out her stuff...she's pretty fantastic!)

ohhhhh! ok, yes i didnt physically have this lovely arrangement in my possession, i couldnt put it on my kitchen table and watch it die, but the thought behind it and the idea was so amazingly awesome. sometimes its the little things that really matter. so i sent her one too (the image above)...and she loved it just as much as i did mine. i then promptly received an email. "morgan, why do florists never get flowers?"

moral of the story: florist like flowers...a lot. 


lovely said...

hey hey!! i'm a florist like yourself and i could'nt agree with you more! :)

i love the idea of a florist receiving flowers too, as we can appreciate the arrangements and the flowers too haha..

Virginia Janet said...
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