Hey look!



Rachel & Matt 6.25.11

Oh man, typing this is fairly bittersweet...as I'm not sure if the inn where Rachel and Matt got married is still in one piece. Killington, VT where beautiful Mountain Meadows Lodge is located was hit pretty hard by evil hurricane Irene. (She was REALLY mean to our little section of the world)...so I thought it would be appropriate to remember how beautiful Rachel and Matt's day was.

Well somebody is a looker...

Rachel's bouquet, was texturally awesome...and obviously photographed well. (I train them before the leave the shop...)

The boys even got little fun, texturally interesting boutonnieres...because as much as we like to pretend that it's all about the bride, the groom actually needs pretty flowers too!

Bridesmaids bouquets....oh, Hi foot, why are you in the picture looking all goofy?

I had a lovely conversation with the inn's groundskeeper while I decorated this arch. It quickly became apparent how much he loved the inn, and how he much he loved "his trees..." I sure hope for his love of the property that, that beautiful lake there...stayed right where it was supposed to.



Come on Irene...

In preparation for the "deadly east coast hurricane" I made sure to buy the prettiest dahlias they had at the farmers market. Who care about wind and rain when you have perfect flowers on your kitchen table?


Cheslee & Dan 8.20.11

I realize I didn't edit out any of their information...please be kind and DONT stalk them, or else you'll have a really pissed off florist to deal with, and I own knives.

For Cheslee.

For the cake.

For Dan.

For Cheslee's Bridesmaids...who wore shades of pink, red and orange.


The AMAZING wedding arch...grown, yes GROWN, by Dan's mom.

Yup, they're cute.


(click image to enlarge)


Caroline & Dave 6.18.11

A wedding in Fairlee, VT is never complete without a King Kone before or after drop off...so with a belly full of soft serve we made our way to Camp Ohana, one of my very favorite Upper Valley venues. If you have followed the blog you know how much I love this place...and how much I praise every wedding I do here. This one was no exception. Caroline and Dave wanted a classic preppy vibe filled with searsucker, hydrangea and classic blue blazers. I was happy to oblige. Little vintage hints of shell buttons and vintage ric-rac rounded out the look...oh and lets not forget our friends the lemons. Lemons are fun.

yay for "searsucker" bowls!


Abby-a styled shoot

A month or so ago I was asked by the AMAZING Jenny Moloney to provide some flowers for a last minute shoot she was doing with Abby, her model/friend. In less then 24 hours she managed to pull together, flowers, a gorgeous dress, stunning horses and a beautiful piece of property to shoot on. If any of you in the Upper Valley and surrounding areas are looking for a photographer, contact Jenny. She's the best...and she's so much fun too! To look at other photos from the shoot check out her blog!

All photos by Jenny Moloney


Kaitlin & Tim 5.28.11

(the textures in this slay me every time...)

(Each of Kaitlin's 7 bridesmaids received handpicked vintage gold broaches that best match their personality...a sweet and sentimental touch)