come learn something cool...

hi there, as you may or may not know i offer classes at the store. we have set up another class for the evening of october 20th. (its a monday)

this class will be a basics of arranging class and will cover all the little tricks and tips for making a basic vase arrangement, as well as some other arranging basics. the cost for the each person is $80.00...included in the cost is a great selection of flowers, a vase, floral clippers and a ton of handouts and interesting tidbits. believe me...i'm a wealth of stupid knowledge ha. you'll leave the class with a beautiful arrangement much like the one i've posted above. no prior knowledge needed, just a love of flowers is helpful! 

space fills up quickly and the class is limited to 6 people, so give us a call if you have any other additional questions. 603.298.3370


colleen & ken 9.13.08

all ken and colleen asked for was something "cozy, comfy, relaxed and chic"....they left the colors up to me. all i had to go on was that the wanted something in formal silver containers and that the bridesmaids were wearing sage...this dress to be exact: Anne Taylor 

now the one thing i cant stand is putting multi-toned pastel bouquets against sage dressed. i get bad visions of easter bunnies and plastic easter basket grass, not to mention jelly beans. blech, totally not a hot look.* so, i went with dark burgundies and plum purples accented with peach and sage greens. ahhhh, the perfect blend of pastel and seasonal tones. bingo!! I decided to keep the church arrangements very simple and mostly white as the church is filled with color and i thought it might be a nice break for the eye, as well as a elegant touch to the 2 hour long roman catholic ceremony. oh my....thats just WAY to long...

*helpful hint: if your in the planning process of your wedding and thinking about colors, keep in mind that to much of one "color family" or tone of colors may be a little blah or AH!...this being said there is NOTHING wrong with using shades of all the same color. ie: shades of orange, shades of red...this is actually my favorite way to design. its when you start throwing every pastel or vibrant color in the mix that things start looking a bit...hmmm...ok lets be honest here...its ugly. why not infuse your pastel family with a dark pop of something to just add a tiny bit of interest? or the opposite...take your vibrant color pallet and throw a small pop of light lavender or soft green into the mix. (if you need a visual example of what i'm rambling about scroll down to sarah and joe's wedding. you'll notice that although her bouquet is very soft there is a small pop of darker peach thrown in there to break up the color.) ok...enough, i'm off. 


sylvia & joe 9.13.08

so painfully simple and elegant it hurts. 

pee-gee hydrangea, explosion grass, rosemary and toad lilies...

i love it when something so simple is so pretty. the toad lilies dont hurt though...they're pretty fantastic. 


busy kids

we're busy, and i'm sleepy. 
i really want a puppy. 
mitchel is throughly enjoying the opening of the new burger king...ew. 
its rainy
fall has 100% hit new hampshire, as i'm now wearing a hoodie, and mitchel was cold all day. 
i've become obsessed with big fluffy bows...whaaaaa!?
abby got engaged and i cant wait to do her flowers! 
i've started to think about halloween costumes...so exciting! any ideas?
we have 4 weddings this weekend, posts will happen soon!
i'm so happy to be enjoying the colors and textures of the season.

oh, and i still want ice cream...


shannon & jesse 9.6.08

easy...cool, quirky, awesome. 

shannon just needed us to make some corsages, and boutonnieres for her as she was going to make her own bouquets. 

i just like how these turned out...actually i liked them very much. 

sarah & joe 9.6.08

ok, i was so into this one. it was different, the concept was cool, and sarah wanted something totally ethereal. its not so often when i get to make flowers for a girl who reminds me of a wood nymph, and i say that with the utmost respect. that being said, on my first meeting with sarah i asked her what colors she had in mind...and she handed me a picture (as most brides tend to do). the picture was a shot...obviously very martha stewart of some flower arrangements surrounded by candles in frosted glass containers. so, as i do...i went straight to looking at the flowers. it was at this point that sarah actually told me she hated the flowers pictured, and wanted her colors to remind of her of the glow of the candle light in the frosted glass. (i've posted the picture...but please understand that it was a picture of a picture so thats why the quality is icky...)


it was then that sarah told me that joe had a major love for lavender...and that she wanted to surprise him by using it somehow. ok, i was so down...needless to say, i felt like i was in a spa the whole time...ahhhh relaxing. 

jennifer & william 9.6.08

jennifer and william...a calm and cool couple from san fran. who were looking for the typical vermont wildflower wedding...with a touch of class. cool...we can do that, no problem what-so-ever! 

it is at the point when you start on the 7th bridesmaids bouquet where you start to highly dislike the wildflower look...and when i started hating the color light blue. it is also at this point where i start asking silly questions to mitchel...
"mitchel, do you have 7 friends?" 
"mitchel...do you even like 7 people enough to have that big of a bridal party?" 
"mitchel, do i have to make these?" 
"mitchel, can i go home yet?"
"mitchel, can i have ice cream....?"
i'm amazed he keeps up with me, and all my idiotic questions...but alas, he still didnt get me ice cream. 

noelle & jim 9.6.08

planned in less than two weeks...noelle and jims wedding actually is one of my favorite to date. the colors were awesome, i was given total creative freedom and well...it was just stylish and cool. 

the only instruction i was given was that pineapples had to be used. pineapples you ask? yes, pineapples...i guess they were what they ate one their first date together. hmm...ok, we can roll with it. so if you look closely you'll see little mini pineapple tucked into the arrangements as well as her bouquet. oh, and the best part of this whole thing? there was a pig...a huge black pot-belly pig serving and maid of honor. i love a good sense of humor...


i'm to sleepy to tell you stories...

evening...well 6 events later, saturday is over. i'm tired, so i'll leave you with this shot until i can muster up the wit and brain power to show you the beauty mitchel and i sent out this weekend. all it all, it was pretty awesome! night little ones, enjoy the rain....


barbara & peter 8.30.08

good morning, i couldnt pull it together last night to write and post about the other wedding from last weekend, it was getting close to the end of my work day and spent most of the last half hour drooling at the front counter. ok, ok...maybe not drooling but close to it! so here we go...barbara and peter, there was a love for blue. obviously. the colors seemed much more rich in person and i feel as if these pictures dont really do justice to how deep and gorgeous the dutch hydrangea was in color. bummer. oh well, enjoy...i'm off to sew a piece of silk to wrap a bouquet in. enjoy your day! 


courtney & ryan 8.30.08

ok, i haven't thought of anything to say...although miss courtney was VERY into anything star shaped, so if you look closely you'll notice everything i used had 5 very distinct points. we're calling this one "supertropicalicious!" as i have a slight obsession with putting "-ous" on the end of most adjectives. i'm odd...dont ask. 

ok, one more to go...and its all blueeeeeeeeee

Terra & Greg 8.30.08

oh this past weekend was a busy one, and we're gearing up for a CRAZY one this week. six, yes you read that correctly, six weddings this saturday. it is at this point when you start to think that maybe another employee would be a lovely idea...but mitchel and i are going to give it a whirl! anyway, terra and greg...they were fun! terra brought in this picture of a lovely reed covered vase she has found, it just so happened that she had the same number of bridesmaids as she did guest tables. so, we ended up making her bridesmaids bouquets into the centerpieces just by popping them into the vases. clever? yes, i thought so! way to go me! well...anyway, enjoy the pictures, i'm off to think of what to write for the next post.