suz & drew 10.10.10

Currently in my top 5 bouquets of all time. That is all.

Ok, maybe that's not all...usually when you come in telling me you have eight bridesmaids I shutter a little, but Suz let me play. The thought of making 8 of the exact same bouquet made me want to drink, heavily. So instead each girl held a posy of a single type of flower in super bright hot pink. Left to right we have: Narine Lily, Mokara Orchid, Wax Flower, Garden Roses, Heather, Beauty Aster, Ranunculus and Stock...smash (yes, its a technical term) those all together and voila! A magical electric pink bouquet fit for a super cool chick!

(I think she's happy...no?)


Lucy said...

This post made me like pink...I didn't think that was possible!!! Way to go Ms. Morgan! Absolutely stunning. Love the different bouquets.

Anonymous said...

If their marriage is as wonderful as those bouquets it will last forever!
damn good work H. Morgan!

Anonymous said...

everything was just perfect!!! THANK YOU TIMES INFINITY! i can not wait to see the professional pictures and ogle at my flowers some more! YOU ARE AMAZING! -suz

Anonymous said...

I carried the Beauty Aster...my new favorite flower(and now I know what it's called!). All the arrangements were seriously stunning! Thank you! - one of Suz's bridesmaids