Josh & Jeff 9.18.10

I wish I could just let these pictures speak for themselves, but alas I have WAY to much to say. First of all...I love that Josh and Jeff trusted me to make something fun, and totally original. Josh and Jeff were married on a HUGE piece of magically property, complete with a private lake, and a floating gazebo which became their ceremony area. Inside the gazebo I hung a giant orb of sunflowers which added a little pop of color midst all the wood.

We agreed to use the colors of the Jeff's family tartan as a jumping off point. Josh then told me his favorite flowers were sunflowers, so I decided to use sunflowers in different shades to be the one unifying element as each table was going to be TOTALLY different. The tables were all found and painted high gloss white, as were all of the containers. Different styles, shapes, heights added to the fun unexpected feeling of the wedding.

Note to future wedding clients....if you give me a golf cart or a gator to drive around in, I'll most likey be as happy as a pig in sh*t. SO for that I thank the most handsome, nicest, most trusting couple for making my gator dreams come true.

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