Luned & Brett 9.25.10

I have always loved fabric produced by the Marimekko company, so when Luned and Brett came to me telling me that not only their bridesmaids would be dressed in 50's style apple green and white Marimekko dresses with orange petticoats (ummmmm yes you read that correctly, and I'm waiting on pins and needles to see pictures) but random green and white Marimekko patterns would be turned into runners and napkins for their dining tables I became SUPER DUPER excited. Orange and green, and super graphic floral patterns!? Sign me up! The two thing both Luned and Brett really wanted, that all of their flowers were heavy on Dahlias and that their centerpieces were something that was not "disposable". So off I ran with dahlias everywhere, and planters in bright white boxes on the tables.

Brett really went for it with the dahlia theme, making upwards of 30 ceramic water pitchers with hand stamped dahlias, silkscreening the dahlia prints which I turned into the table numbers, designing a dahlia motif for all the invites, as well as making the amazing vase above. All in all, it was a pretty dahlia-rific time.


jaye said...

Those arrangements are so beautiful! *swoon* :)

Luned Palmer said...

Just wanted you to know that the white boxes of plants (the centerpieces) are still alive and thriving in my house and some friend's houses. Completely sustainable!