It must be love...

Hellebore. No other flower can bring out as many "ohhhhs" and "ahhhhs" with florists. Maybe a garden rose or an orchid, sometimes dahlias and ranunculus, but without a doubt....the Hellebore will always be a florist favorite. Maybe its the short season, and the fact that they seem so limited, one of a kind, and elusive. Blooming at the end of winter or in very early spring when no other flower has cracked through the earth, this little friend stands tall. Well, actually short...and somewhat hidden in the shade.

I love them for their amazing range of muted tones. Quiet shades that seem to work perfectly with any color you choose to pair them with. Dark plums with slight accents of gray, muddled tones of greens and cream with tiny adorable spots, and puce, the most horribly named....yet most beautiful color.

I also love them, because they are poisonous...and were once used to treat insanity. Funny how those seem to go hand in hand. I salute you little Hellebore. Thank you for making my March and April a little more interesting.





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Erin said...

You are so right. They are indeed magnificent! I didn't know they are poisonous. We try not to have poisonous plants in the garden, since the kids are so young. But... I am not going to get rid of my little lovely.