Amanda & Jeff 4.21.12

It was nice to be back....Amanda and Jeff held their small intimate wedding at Simon Pearce Restaurant in Quechee, VT. One of my favorite venues due to it's stylish decor, amazing food and the view outside the windows, was nearly gutted last year due to hurricane Irene. (check out the damage in this video...you'll really get a feeling for what went on just 3 miles from our shop) It was nice to stand in its private room and look outside at the waterfall that severely changed the surrounding landscape that I grew up with and know that everything was rebuildable, and that my favorite places would continue to be my favorite places.

Anyway...enough of that. Amanda and Jeff got married in a large show room at the restaurant surrounded by gorgeous pieces of glass and pottery and under a rustic arbor of birch covered in flowers. The predicted rain held off just long enough, 50 of their closest friends and family gathered, and the flower arrangements were filled with tulips (Amanda's favorite) All in all...it was a pretty perfect day.


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