And so it begins...

....wedding season. The time of year a florist waits for with a mixture of emotions. The start of never ending work, emails and questions. The time when you can no longer make plans on a weekend, or eat regularly scheduled meals. But it is also the time of an explosion of creativity. Months filled with beautiful flowers and thoughtfully put together lovliness. Seeing your vision come to fruition, is something that one can only describe as exhaustingly gratifying. Our wedding season this year is long, running from April into January 2013. We have some beauties lined up, lots of orange and purple. Beautiful orchids we don't get to use too often, a traditional Hindu ceremony, lots of fruit and veggies, graffiti, and lots of gorgeous garden roses. All in all its shaping up to be a gorgeous spring/summer/fall/winter. With all of that out of the way, we kicked off the season with a tiny wedding complete with 12 guests in a room with a roaring fire at one of my favorite places (Home Hill Inn) surrounded by best the early spring has to offer.


See you soon...and more often. Until next time.