Becky tied the knot.

So listen, there are about 16-17 wedding that I haven't showed you yet this summer (because I'm a HORRIBLE slacker) and Becky's wedding was last weekend...but I love it enough to show it now. Plus its my blog and I can do whatever I want.

Becky didn't need a lot...just a few bouquets for herself, her sister and the moms. Not to mention a handful of boutonnieres and some tiny things for her flower girls. But quantity is not the name of the game here folks. Quality, quality, quality...who says you have to cover every inch of every man, woman and child not to mention the dog, your crazy Aunt Alice...and lets not forget Great Uncle Ned just to have a beautiful wedding? Ned doesn't like flowers anyway...just scotch.

Becky harvested the blueberries from her garden as well as the mint, wild raspberry and hosta...I went out the day before and picked the remaining lovelies from a couple local secret spots of mine, and with that. Beauty was born! All for very little money I might add, and I say this just so you folks contemplating DIY wedding flowers, wake up and smell the wedding cake. BAD IDEA, say it with me now....BAAAAADDDDD IDDDDDDEAAAA. (But thats for a different day, and a different snarky blog entry in which I tell you you're crazy.)

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Soportales 8 said...

The first branch is very beautiful, with wildflowers.
A greeting!