Zabby & Sam 7.10.10

Its been 4000 degrees here. The kind of hot where you can feel your skin sliding off your body, your hair is constantly damp and there is no possible way to keep cool. Even with the waterfalls, swimming holes, lakes, ponds and rivers galore around here, jumping in them pretty much feels like swimming in a giant bathtub. (pretty though...right?)

So imagine the amount of joy I felt when the heat finally broke due to rain and I got to deliver a wedding on top of a mountain!? OoOOoO cool weather how I love you so. I could have rolled around in the grass up there for hours, but alas I had to set up a wedding. Both Zabby and Sam quickly laid it out in one word for me. "FUN"...there was to be nothing formal, stuffy or at all boring. They were there for a good time. So in a round room, on top of a mountain, in a building with a bouncy house outside the window I set up their wedding. Personally...I'm kinda in love.

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