Lynn & Richard 6.7.2007

simple, small, fun little wedding this weekend, it was blazing hot, i nearly melted and i had to try and get through town with the college graduation going on. delightful...ugh. people should learn to use cross-walks, because i fear i will just run one of them over some day. 

back to the wedding, sorry..i digress....it seems as if many of our weddings this year are in the brown, lime green, raspberry family. its interesting how different each one can look...and how each one tests our creativity. we could just make the same wedding over and over and call it a day, but really each bride that comes in is SO different, and i really feel like each one deserves something special and unique. i like the bridesmaids bouquets, they remind me of fireworks. pow!!!

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cc44bluez said...

Yeah!!! The Red Cymb!!! It looks beautiful!!