brianna & jason 6.17.2008

oh things are still very pink and green around these parts. this weekend its more on the baby pinks and pale apple greens. oh, and butterflies...i (morgan) do not personally like butterflies but i actually warmed up to using them on these bouquets as they added a touch of whimsy to an otherwise very quiet color pallet. 

ohhhhh, but we secretly wish for blues and purple, maybe even a little red or orange tossed in there for good measure. pink is getting old. 

Oh! on another note...local organic product is slowly making its way into the shop again. quirky garden flowers, gorgeous 4' tall peonies (yup you read that right...4'!)...its our favorite time of year in the store. come, play, enjoy...we're told it smells pretty good in here too. but we'll have to take your word for it! 

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