Kristen & Chris 9.3.11

Wow...totally dropped the ball. I was feeling so good about myself blogging on the regular, and then...well life caught up to me. We've been so busy with all the fall weddings going on. The next two months are shaping up to be very busy, but will provide me with TONS to blog about. (Lets just hope I actually find the energy/brain power to do so)...

 SO, its not a secret that I'm not a huge fan of summer. I really enjoy when the weather snaps and suddenly all the beautiful berries, grasses and cones show make themselves known. I love that crap. But, what does one do when they're getting married the first weekend of september and they want to use fall colors? Because, really it's not fall yet...in fact there are 20 something more days of summer. Kristen and I had a heart to heart and decided it was best if we combined the last summer hues of yellows, grass greens and washed out peaches with the beginning of fall rusty orange, burgundy and browns. Personally, I fell in love. TOTALLY right up my alley...but I might be one of the only people you'll ever meet you counts peach as one of their favorite colors. Now I will bore you with pictures.


COME ON!!!!! That dahlia alone should make you weak in the knees


...and now for my favorite detail shots, it was hard to pick as I think I took about 47,980.



There were even delightful little boutonnieres and corsages for those not able to hold AMAZING bouquets (as you can tell...I was a little fond of these)
We also decorated an arch, which was super sunflowery -they are one of Kristen's favorite after all.
The table were also decorated with simple little nuggets of awesome.

All in all...this one might be hard to beat. BUT...coming right around the bend we might have a strong contender...think succulents, red garden roses and chocolate cosmos. MmmmmHmmmm thats right. 


Erin said...

I am in love with this, Morgan. Brilliant end of summer floral display. Zinnias are stellar!
Can't wait to see the succs, red & brown.

Michelle said...

Yes, the dahlia is amazing, but the zinnia in the second pic is the show stopper for me—unbelievable!

flwrjane said...

I loved your interview and am crazy over this wedding.

Please post more so I can drool more.