Kaylin & Allen 10.10.10

I promised myself I wouldn't show ALL of my weddings right up front...I mean after all we need something pretty to look at when its freezing cold, and gray right? Kaylin and Allen were married at a summer camp (as you know I adore everything about summer camp weddings..and camp in general). The weather was PERFECT and summer camp charm ooooozed out of every single corner. The names of thousands of girls who had spent their childhood summers lined the walls...and ceilings, and I clearly remember spending a good 10 minutes in the kitchen swooning over the heavy teal melamine plates and bowls that so reminded me of being 12. It just so happens that Kaylin got her pro shots back yesterday, so enjoy some of the super pretty. The somewhat attractive pictures...taken by me of course. Oh, I would like to thank both Kaylin and Allen for being so easy to work with..we're talking SUPER laid back here folks, and Kaylin's mom for making me feel like such a genius. (which is a HUGE stretch...but thanks anyway) <3

(Just felt the need to show you the most gloriously amazing ranunculus...yup its that spazzy green thing...it still makes me a little mushy inside)

(Geez...stop being so damn attractive you two!)


Kaylin Bourgeois said...

Thanks for everything Morgan! And for being the coolest flower chick I could ask for!!! :D

Anonymous said...

You ARE a Flower Genius! Thanks for everything, Morgan. You're Amazing:)

Debbie Messer said...

Oops~Anonymous is Kaylin's Mom

Erin said...

The ribbon work is spectacular!!