Hannah and Rick 9.5.10

Dear "Hurricane" Earl, I not only would like to thank you for cooling down New England, as the beginning of last week was Africa hot, but I would also like to thank you for not raining and allowing my Labor Day weddings to have amazingly perfect cool end of summer weather. Pshhhh and you call yourself a hurricane!? FAIL. Anyway, Hannah and Rick got married at Camp Ohana (same with Lucy and Michael from the previous post)....check it out if your looking for something classic Vermont, its gorgeous. I have a HUGE soft spot for anything that resembles summer camp. (Here is where I will plug my much loved childhood summer camp....GO Billings!) Huge dining halls, cabins scattered throughout the woods, giant pine trees...it all reminds me of being young and totally in love with summer. Which if you been following the blog for some time now you know that my love affair with summer is LONG GONE. Seriously, I highly dislike it....I'll just chalk it up to being "old" and grumpy. The great part of doing a wedding at Ohana is that all of your guests can stay there in the cabins, so on Saturday Hannah and Rick hosted a welcome dinner for everybody. We kept it simple with sunflowers in vintage bottles....super easy, but really has an impact.

Wedding day.... possibly some of my favorite bouquets of the season. Yup...I would like to thank the Juliet garden roses for making that possible.

(I mean...COME ON with that ruffled prettiness!)

(Hello, Mr. Cake Topper....how YOU doin?)

(Oh...and if you're looking for a view...thats the place to be.)

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