Emma & Mike 9.4.10

Its pretty obvious that I rarely do a "classic" looking wedding...I'm usually playing with grasses and berries and kooky garden flowers, so when Emma and Mike decided that they wanted clean lines, minimal colors and classic flowers with a modern twist I was secretly pretty excited. Weddings like theirs let me practice my fancy pants skills. Wiring TONS of orchids, arranging calla lilies which might as well give me the middle finger, (Those pesky buggers never stay where you want them!) and creating mounds of the most amazingly vibrant green roses. The thing I forget about the "classic" wedding is that they're so much more time consuming, because if one thing is out of place you really notice it...glaringly so. Where as in the normal garden style weddings I usually do, if one flower has decided it wants to lean to the left I say "Well check you out Mr. Lefty Leaner....here have some grass tucked into that bald spot!" Needless to say I was pretty happy with the end result, and even more happy with Emma and my much thought about linen choice. (Final choice...Emma, High-5!) Proof that color and pattern on a table can really make things come alive! Oh, and I really hope that Mike loved the last minute surprise sailboat table numbers...because I wanted to print them out all over my office wall in rainbow colors. Wallpaper anyone?

Yup...you're right, its a cake topper!

Don't mind the plastic on these bad boys...it protects them during transport, personally I think it's a hot look.

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