Megan & Brian 7.31.10

Helllllo! I'm back, I've slept, my body no longer feels like it can't support my weight, my brain is no longer mush and well I'm not waking up at 5am going through lists of things I need to do. The past two weeks have been what I like to call "cray-cray" or for those not versed in Morganese...crazy. Eight events in two weeks...oh, no need to rub your eyes, that really says eight. Now, I tired super duper hard to get pictures of each one, but I fear in my state of mush I forgot two. (sorrrrrrrrrrry!) So lets see...the first. Megan and Brian....what can I say, they had their reception in a irish pub. I dug it. Totally right up my alley, not to much fuss...good friends, family, fish and chips, and beer.

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