julie & jesse 8.21.10

(my wedding gift)

When my friends Julie and Jesse told me they were getting married my mind automatically went into idea mode. What would her bouquet look like, what colors were they going to pick...it was when Julie pretty much told me she trusted me to make "whatever I thought would look nice" that my brain imploded. Julie and Jesse live on a beautiful piece of property in the middle of nowhere, I thought for awhile about the blueberry bushes I had seen in the corner of the yard and how we could use them...not to mention, um they were FREE!. It was when Julie told me that our friend Alix had found the perfect plum colored dresses for the bridesmaids that the blueberry theme was off and running. I based every single thing I made on the colors of a blueberry in various stages of ripening. From sage green to deep indigo blues and even the dusty gray that coats the outside of the ripe berries. Jesse did all the woodworking, including making the amazing arch, Julie baked all the deserts (which were amazing....banana cupcakes anyone?) and I made everything from programs, a fingerprint tree (a super snazzy guestbook) to the mossy numbers marking the tables. I was obsessed with the details....so I guess if you tell your florist "just make me something nice...." magical things will happen. I honestly wish my friends 10000000% happiness and love (and extra beautiful babies) and I'm so happy to have been a part of their day, even if I refused to dance.

(this would be the perfect place to put the beautiful shot of the girls and the bouquets if only everybody wasn't balling)

(click to make this bigger...seriously, its worth it)

(my dad and Fred are good helpers!)

(Some of the above photos by the fabulous Warren Prouty)


Erin said...

This is completely fabulous! I love what you did. Love, love, love.

Warren Prouty said...

I was Jesse and Julie's photographer and I must say that the arrangements were very unique and really nice. I thought the flowers formed from birch bark were amazing. And those moss table numbers...I'm sure that took some work! You've got some nice images above, including a couple of mine. I'll have some more images available in a couple of weeks.

megan said...

Yayyyy! And a note - I also refuse to dance.

Valley Flower Company said...

Thanks for the kind words Warren, I really enjoyed watching you take pictures and loved the fun things you were doing with Julie and Jesse (the love lights were my favorite!) I'm happy to recommend you to people looking for photographers in the future, your pictures are beautiful and I really appreciated how relaxed you and your assistant made Julie and Jesse!

Valley Flower Company said...
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Alix said...

OMG, Morgan, these pictures ROCK. The flowers were SO beautiful and I loved the fiddleheads as an accent. You are awesome & I love the way your brain works. :)

Erin said...

I know I already looked at these & commented. But, I am looking again, more closely.
What is the flower you used in the bout? That shot is amazing. The plum color of the vest & tie with the bout is PERFECT.
Also, what is the feather stuff in the bouquets?
This wedding is killer. I keep coming back to see it.

Valley Flower Company said...

Hi Erin,
So the flower in the bout is a bullet allium, and the "feather" stuff is what I like to call explosion grass. I'm sure it has some fancypants name but I don't know it. I get it from a local farm stand. Its pretty super duper!

Rajeev Gaur said...

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