Jenny & James 5.8.10

Yeah, yeah I know...it was almost two weeks ago and I haven't gotten around to posting. Blah, blah...I'm heavily engrossed on working on a wedding gift for some friends. NO, I won't tell you what it is for fear that she will see this...but its going to be awesome, and it takes full brain power, so needless to say I've totally avoided some of my tasks. (Come August I'll show you what it is..)

Anyway, back to Jenny and James....everything was pink, and lovely, and smelled amazingly like summer. It poured all morning and all I wanted it to do was be sunny for them, I stomped around the shop curing at the rain...all I wanted was just 10 minutes of SUN. At 4pm sharp when I'm sure Jenny was walking down the very same aisle my parents once walked down the sky opened up to reveal the brightest most beautiful sun any bride could have asked for. Needless to say...it was a good day.

(centerpieces all boxed and ready to go!)

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