horrible...I know.

I'm the worst blogger ever...

Sometimes I find it hard to fill space when all I have to talk about is normal daily store junk. I mean I suppose I could tell you I spray painted my feet silver while painting a bunch of branches for my annual museum event. You may remember...THIS or THIS or maybe the three years before that? This year is totally devoid of color...it's pretty snazzy. Everything is black and white, and well...silver. Hence the silver feet, basically I'm a bonehead. Note to self...don't paint towards your feet while wearing flip flops. Doi.

I suppose I could show you some things that have gone out recently.... You know, just normal daily delivery type of things. Flowery junk...

I suppose I could show you the new monkeys which now inhabit the store... All of which we made long before 1960...they're pretty fantastic, and I'm having a hard time letting them go.

I suppose I could tell you that we have a big ol' wedding this weekend and that I promise I'll post some pictures from it next weekend...

I suppose I could remind you that its Mother's Day this Sunday and that we WILL be open on Sunday from 10-2....Moms as cool as this deserve flowers. Really, they do. (except she's mine...which means i'll most likely forget until the last minute. Sorry Mom)

I mean I could tell you all that stuff but I don't know how interesting or exciting it would be? So instead I'll just go spray paint the rest of my body silver and pretend I'm the silver surfer in the back driveway. If you see me riding some pavement waves, don't mind me...I've just inhaled to many fumes and I'm slowly going brain dead.

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