Invisible bride...

I totally forgot to post this, because...well I am a bonehead. I made this bouquet and arrangement for a bridal show a couple weeks ago. Super vintage-y looking, everything down to the vintage lace on the handle to the classic 1950's sulfur yellow ceramic vase found during on of my many thrifting adventures. OH! and with that said my collection of vintage containers, is growing and if you would ever love a delivery done in one I would LOVE to do that. We currently have a ton of milk glass, the entire stock from a old soda fountain (little ice cream sundae cups, frappe glasses etc), old tins, vintage bottles...weee! Anyway, back to the flowers, because really thats why you're here right?

(I get asked this question ever time I post a picture of one of my bouquets in a jar...I send all wedding party bouquets out in labeled Mason Jars. They're super cute, make transportation sure duper easy for both myself and the bridal party, and totally relieve my stress about sending bouquets out with water.)

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