general all around shop news.

Things are opening left and right, reaching for the sunshine. The shops window boxes are getting a fresh coat of paint, Daffodils are slowly showing their silly little faces, and I find myself sitting on the front steps watching people walk by. Pollen is every where, and people are red-eyed and full of snot. Oh welcome spring, how I missed your minxy ways! With spring brings a whole new selection of flowers in the shop. Lilac and beautiful electric green Snowball Viburnum, flowering branches galore, Peonies ohhhhhhhh the Peonies and one of my all time favorites Boronia. Needless to say, I'm a happy camper...

With spring also comes a new employee, her name is Rebecca, and she's neato.

Wedding season is just around the corner and my filing cabinet is filled to the brim of lovely ladies and gentlemen who are getting ready to tie the knot. The pile of weddings just keeps growing too, in fact I've run out of empty files...note to self: buy more files. So, be prepared to be overwhelmed with event photos. (I'll apologize in advance...hehe, my bad!)

I can't keep a house plant in the shop for more then a few days...so there is always something new and green and happy for you to bring home. Currently the Gardenia plants have won me over...if only this was a scratch and sniff post.

And now...I will leave you with some little spring lovelies...oh, and DAMN, get outside why dontcha! It's too nice out to be reading this silliness...

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