sarah & daryl 8.29.09

The last weekend of what I've always thought of as real summer brought rain, lots and lots of rain...not to mention a odd summer cold snap. (Bad for strapless wedding dresses and cute summer party frocks...amazing for the stress level of a florist who often worries about wilting summer flowers) Anyway...no matter how much it rained, the constant hum of a shop vac which tried its very hardest to soak up a huge puddle from underneath the dance floor, my wet jeans and cold toes, Sarah had made sure to think of every summery detail in order to make it look like you walked in the most girly wonderful summery party you could think of. I just hope she managed to find electricity to do her makeup in and thaw out before her walk down the aisle.
Oh. The song you hear in the slideshow is by a french cutie named Soko. And here are a couple of my favorite shots for you to enjoy...

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dutchbaby said...

I love the combination of flowers in the wreath.