Danielle & Nick 8.15.09

Hottest weekend of the summer
Guilt after leaving my father and Charlie to build a huppah in the sweltering heat while I got to drive to the next third wedding of the weekend in the wonderful, wonderful A/C.
Stress over wondering if everything was just going to melt and die in the stupid humidity.
Danielle and Nick's wedding weekend! Weeee
The one saving grace to their wedding was the fact that they had picked icy blues, grays (my new current flower color obsession) whites and lavender. Holding the bouquets almost cooled me down as everything looked as if it was covered in a thin dusting of ice crystals...almost. 

(all photos can be clicked on which will make them HUGE so you can see better all the pretty)


DTorin said...

Only one saving grace? I beg to differ!
I didn't get a chance to see you and tell you how much we loved, loved, LOVED the flowers! You are a floral goddess. Nothing wilted, nothing melted (except Nick and I under that breathtaking huppah, which just about stole the show).
There was a paper crown waiting for you under the reception tent, by the way. I will just have to mail it to you instead!

Valley Flower Company said...

A crown! OoOoOooO i loveeeeee crowns!! I'm so happy you guys had an amazing time, send me pictures!?

Valley Flower Company said...
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Sarah said...

Beautiful, as always. Lately I am OBSESSED with gray paint. I'm planning to paint the first floor of our new place a very pale, cool gray, with one dark gray wall.